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Fiona Lewis

I had been practicing Pilates for almost 7 years before I was recommended to Jon and then I realised I hadn’t been doing Pilates at all! Jon is quite simply an amazing teacher who is passionate about Pilates and he has made me re-evaluate it completely. He is precise, patient and has a way of explaining what he wants you to do so clearly that it is impossible not to make progress. Jon has been totally dedicated to understanding my specific needs and weaknesses so that it has been easy for me to monitor my progress and build up safely to more advanced exercises through his training. I always come out of his lessons feeling challenged, inspired and relaxed. Jon is brilliant teaching in person on equipment and mat and also teaching online. He is also rigorous about constantly improving his own training and always brings these new techniques to his lessons. On top of all this, Jon is an extremely nice guy!

Karin Heubner

In April last year I suddenly started to suffer from sciatica and severe lower back pain - although I've always been healthy and exercised 4-5 x per week. Unfortunately I had to undergo two major surgeries (L4/5 discectomy and finally fusion surgery) during the following nine months. My Pilates lessons with Jon helped me to get through this very tough time - both physically but also mentally. When you go through 1.5 years of constant pain, you get very scared and need to trust the person you work with. Jon is amazing - he really understands his stuff, the exercises we do are tailored to my condition but they are equally challenging and varied so I don't end up doing the same things every time. Often, after a day at work or traveling, the only thing that helps is an hour with Jon. I feel stronger, leaner and taller and the best of all, any lower back pain often is gone after a lesson. Today, nearly five months after my fusion surgery, I feel so much better and often pain free which is largely due to these amazing Pilates lessons. Jon is a fantastic Pilates teacher and I have been so lucky to have him support me during a very difficult time in my life. My recovery would not otherwise have been as fast and safe and I am immensely grateful to him. Finally I feel ready for some really tough Pilates workouts again - ah how much I will regret this statement (in a good way)!!!

Olu O

I started off doing Pilates with Jon having tried pretty much everything for my persistent knee pain. I have tried Pilates in the past but hadn't really followed through having a) not noticed a real difference b) not felt challenged enough. Having played a lot of sports at a younger age and taken my knee pain as simply a genetic problem or a given I was expecting to make just slight improvements and just live with my knee pain. Having done Pilates with Jon the improvements have definitely not been slight but very much great improvements. I decided to start playing netball again and I noticed the improvements in my game - jumping higher, landing without pain and even general fitness (using breathing techniques from Pilates). I would fully recommend Jon - not only because you will see major improvements but his general approach to teaching Pilates is calming and reassuring - challenging you slowly and actually seeing the results everyday!

Phil Royle

Jon’s skills as a Pilates teacher are phenomenal as is his proper equipment & fantastic treatment venue on the glorious North Norfolk coast. A tonic to visit. Every session is a blessing. I’ve suffered with horrendous herniated disc & nerve pain for two years plus & tried physiotherapists, osteopathic, massage etc - all palliative. Never lasting. What Jon offers is exceptional life skills through his classes that really help reduce pain & improve mobility. Long term. Thank you.

Vikki Marshall

I've been a fan of Pilates for a long time and have tried a number of different studios both here and in Australia. A few years ago I had to have back surgery and thought that some of the more advanced Pilates moves were now permanently out of reach. However, for the last two years I've been training with Jon at Free Range Pilates and his patience, commitment and knowledge have seen me achieve more in that time than I ever thought I'd be able to. Each session is unique and tailored to me. We work hard (who said Pilates doesn't make you sweat?) but it is also great fun. I'm stronger and more flexible than I've been for many years and the only ache I have now is the ache of well worked muscles.

Stephen Morris

I have been taking Pilate classes from Jon for three years, initially to address recurring back pain. There was a rapid initial improvement and I've had no repeat of the problems I used to have. I have continued with classes because I can feel how much benefit I get - in terms of posture and wellbeing. Jon is a very patient and understanding teacher.

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